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Chapter 40: Play Date
(by Caitlin, added on 30 June 2004 07:16 PM)

As the bell for school ended, Shane and Sierra's mothers entered the room.
"Oh, Sierra's back!" Shane's mom cried, smiling at Sierra's mother. "Shane was missing her so very much."
"Sierra talked of missing Shane, as well," said Sierra's mother, also smiling, as they watched their children playing on the playground, trying to avoid their mothers' seeing htem and breaking up their fun.
"Shal we schedule a little playdate for the two of them?" asked Sierra's mother.
"Sure, that would be absolutely wonderful," Shane's mother replied with energy. "How's this next weekend?" SHe lowered her voice. "You know, SHane's never had a friend like Sierra, someone he can truly relate to."
"It's the same with sierra, she's had friends, but none have stuck with her this long, they don't like it that she has to sleep sometimes, because of her meds," Sierra's mother replied. "This weekend will be great."
"You can drop her off at my place whenever," said Shane's mother. "How's 8:30? Shane says she's generally a little more energetic in the mornings?"
"That will be perfect," Sierra's mother consented cheerfully. "Let's go tell those two rascals about it. They'll be so excited!"
And htey did, and Shane and Sierra were over the moon. As the two children, accompanied by their parents walked ot their cars, smiles lighting each of their faces, Sierra and Shane were concocting plans for their playdate in hushed, excited voices.

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