Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 32: The Phonecall
(by Caitlin, added on 13 June 2004 08:46 PM)

Anela was sitting on her couch, while classical music played softly behind her. She sipped a cup of Twining English Breakfast tea, dappled with sweet, golden honey and flavored with lemon. As she sipped her tea, relaxed on the couch and let the piano, string and wind sounds overwhelm her, she realized how blessed she was to be with such loving and caring children, who got along with their peers. They were so sweet to one another, and they loved and were loved unconditionally by their classmates.
The phone rang, jarring her from her wistful thoughts.
She put the cup down, and picked up the receiver.
"Hello? ... Oh yes, hello, Doctor Atrop. ... Sierra? How is she? ... Oh I see. ... Yes. ... Well, that's too bad ... what can i do for her? ... I see. ... okay, well, please keep me informed. Thank you. GOodbye, now."
She hung up.
After fighting with her confidence for a moment, she picked up the receiver again and dialed Kyle Smith's number.
"Hello?" Scott's voice answered.
"Hi, Scott, it's Mrs. Peterson," Anela said.
"Oh, hi," he said, "my daddy and I are going out to pizza! Can you come?"
"I'll ask your dad," she said, a smile rushing across her face. "May I please speak to him?"
"Sure!" Scott said, "here he is."
And Scott handed over the phone.
"Hello? Anela?" Kyle's warm voice reached her and soothed her pounding heart.
"Kyle, hi," Anela said.
"Is something wrong?" he asked.
"NOt really, it's just that Sierra is going to be released from hospital, but the doctors say that these seizures may do her serious harm, in the future, if a cure is not found. We have to watch her very closely from now on, lest we don't catch the symptoms of a seizuare in time to alert the police."
"That's dreadful," Kyle said softly, "things young children have to live with. ... How about you come on out to pizza with us, Anela? Scott and I would both love it. ANd afterwords, I'll put Scott to bed, and we can have a cup of coffee, and talk about this. And about other things."
"I'd like that very much, scott," Anela said sincerely.

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