Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 31: Angel of Mercy
(by NativeRose, added on 13 June 2004 05:21 AM)

The next morning, seven students and two instructional assistants, and one teacher piled into a school bus headed for the hospital. They came bearing gifts, cards, and well wishes.
Anela was the first to enter her hospital room.
"Hello," she said softly, as she touched Sierra's hand.
"We have a surprise for you." The others filed in behind her.
"Shane!" Sierra said excitedly. Shane looked worried, as if her excitement would harm her in some way.
"Hi, Sierra," he said hesitantly.
"Hi, Sierra! How are you doing? What does it feel like to have a seizure? I've never stayed overnight in the hospital. Is it scary? Wow, that's different!" Jenna chattered on. Zachary waved and smiled at her from his place beside Nequenta, who nodded in Sierra's direction.
"Hi," Rosalyn said simply. Scott approached in his wheelchair, bearing a card signed by all.
"I hope you feel better soon," he said sincerely.
Anela decided this was a good experience for the students. They were able to reach out to one of their own; they could express their love for her. Most importantly, they learned that they could make a difference, despite their disabilities.

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