Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 28: Frights
(by Caitlin, added on 11 June 2004 06:36 AM)

Tamara did what came naturally.
"Anela! Anela, come, Anela! She's having a seizure!"
Anela came running, swinging her cane wildly before her, her face frantic.
"Put her in the position i showed you," she called, as Shane came tripping over on his walker. Unfortanutely, he was moving too quickly. He stumbled and fell on his face.
Summer happened to be nearby. She ran to Shane, scooped up the walker, put it up against a tree and picked Shane up (being so small, it was not dificult for her to do.).
"SIerra," SHane cried, "Sierra!..."
"She'll be fine," Summer soothed him, and carried him off toward the classroom.
Anela knelt by Sierra, holding hte child's small hand in hers.
"This isn't good, she's not moving, she isn't releasing all that energy," she muttered. "We need an ambulance. Now, or we may lose her. Hurry, Tamara, and call. Please. i'll stay with her." And she tightened her hold on the thin, hot hand in hers.

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