Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 26: Monkey Bars
(by Caitlin, added on 9 June 2004 03:10 PM)

Anela followed her students as they went to the playground. Jenna nad Isaac moved directly to the swings. sierra sat under a tree, with a book. Zackery sat down near the baseball diamond to watch some birds.
Shane, meanwhile, shuffled with his walker to the base of the structure, as Scot, Noquenta and Rosalin all hurried off towards a game of Tetherball.
There was no ramp on the structure, so Shane abandoned his walker and, clinging to the balistrades, managed to hoist himself to the top of the structure, where there was a slide. His near-sighted eyes left the slide, though, and fastened on the monkey-bars. How he would like to do them, and he had good muscle strength in his arms.
Sierra looked groggily up from her book, just in time to see Shane, his limp legs dangling, finish a spectacular round on the swinging monkeybars. Then, he couldn't get down, because his legs couldn't reach the platform. She got up and ran as fast as her tiredness would let her. Reaching up, she snatched Shane's little body out of the air and brought him to safety.

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