Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 22: Scott's Observation
(by Caitlin, added on 8 June 2004 07:28 AM)

A few days later, scott hummed into the classroom in his wheelchair.
"Miss Anela," he said softly.
"Yes, Scott?" Anela said, patting sierra on the shoulder as she turned away from her, and faced Scott. She had been chatting to Sierra about the composition she had managed to compose, before drifting ot sleep.
"Sierra is so sweet, it's really a pity the meds don't work better," Anela thought, "she works so hard when she can, and it's as though she thinks I will shout at her and scold her when she has a seizure, falls asleep or needs to be changed. ..."
"I have a secret to tell you." Scott's eager words broke into her thoughts about Sierra.
"What is it, scott?" she whispered, leaning down towards his wheelchair.
"My daddy says you're very nice and he wants to take you and me out to eat again," he chirped excitedly.
Anela's smile nearly cracked her pale face. "I'm so glad to hear that, Scott!" she said earnestly.
"I know," he said, his personality showing clearly in his voice. "I was, too. Oh and he also says that you are a wonderful person. He thinks you're a angel."
"Does he?" Anela said graciously. "Well, you tel your dad you have a secret for him. Tell him I think he's the best father you could ever hope to meet, and that he is an angel, too!"
"I will tell him that!" Scott said, and excitedly wheeled over to join Jenna in the corner, where she was constructing a structure out of Duploes.

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