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Chapter 16: Can I Make a Difference?
(by NativeRose, added on 28 May 2004 07:26 PM)

Don and Bethany Anderson arrived at the school with Mariah, their granddaughter, and her best friend Jaren in tow.
"I think you'll really be able to make a difference for these students, Don," Bethany smiled, as she watched Jaren push Mariah's wheelchair through the door.

Anela walked toward her visitors. It was recess for her class, and she had asked Don and Bethany to come early to set things up. Kyle had also arrived early to assist in food preparation and setup.
"I'm so glad you could come, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson!" Anela gushed.
"You'll add a special touch to our festivities today."
When Scott entered the classroom, he saw Mariah instantly. His face lit up! She's someone who would understand...and she can talk to me!

"Hi, you're Mariah, right? Nequenta's mom told us you were coming."
"Yeah, this is my best friend Jaren." Just then, they were interrupted by the sound of loud music.
"That's my grandpa!" Mariah said cheerily.
"Hi kids! How are you doing on this beautiful day?"
"Terrific! I'm glad to hear it. Are you ready to have some fun?"
"Well...what are we waiting for?" With that, the fun and games began.

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