Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 109: gabe.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 24 November 2007 03:37 PM)

gabe harper sat in his car outside heidi's apartment he wanted to see if heidi had really changed and if what his friends who had been visiting in prison wheir telling the trouth. gabe had just been realeesed on parrole and was comming to get heidi for testifying againsed him.

"She's not in ser." said the next door nabour. then because the nabour did not know who he was she told him the way to coreen's address. when he got to the door he saw heidi sat at the pianno with a little boy in a wheel chair. coreen who also had not known who he was had let him in. suddenly gabe said "Heidi long time no see."

"Gabe get out of here i don't want to know you any more this is my life now." gabe suddenly got a gun out of his pocket. he then proseeded to point the gun at kennon. "I will shoot him if you don't come back with me now and change your ways again." heidi was shaking and tremboling and felt that she would have no choice but she did not think about all theese people who had helped her. suddenly bethany and scott came in to se kennon.

"Yay heidi's here yay yay yay." said scott. he then saw the gun pointed at kennon and heidi. before gabe could see what was happoning scott wheeled him self over to him and knocked him down with his chair. coreen came in then and saw gabe start to get in a ranging temper. he started shouting and swairing at heidi and heidi was startng to give in. then he took some drugs and put them under heidi's nose. heidi started shaking and trembling because she had still only been quit for eight years and seeing the stuff still scaird her. "Get that stuff away from me gabe." she said. gabe just carried on shouting at her and then kennon did something dangourass. he took the gun from gabe as he had crept toords the voice as he could here that heidi was in trouble. when gabe saw the boy in the wheel chair pick the gun up and explore it he started relaxing. with out knowing what he was doing kennon pulled the trigure and shot gabe in the head. the bullet killed gabe instantly. coreen gasbed in shock and jamason also was shocked. suddenly the plece game and after the incedent was explaind to them kennon was arested and taken to the station. the drugs wheir found to be gabes and they wheir removed. the plese who knew kennon's disabilities did not care they wheir deturmined to proove that kennon had known what he was doing and he was locked in a cell. the plece wheir not taking care of his needs and heidi went to the station the next morning to find kennon wet and with no changed diper. she went to the desk and complaind the plece would not beleave that kennon was so suveyalerly disabled and had not let him have his computer for intervew. when he did not answer a question they started asking him more. they interregated him for two days then just left him in a cell for a further two days with out changing him. when heidi coreen and jamason heard about how kennon was being treated they managed to get their loyer to let him out on bale.

but what was going to happen to kennon? would he get out of this?

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