Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 106: suprize party.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 23 November 2007 06:53 AM)

when they got in to the next room they found don anderson with bethany moriya and gerron. "Uncle don." said niquenta suddenly music started to play and every one started having a good time. no one apart from the principall and kandus knew why this party had been aranged they wheir about to reveal some shocking news to the students and heidi.

when the dancing and games wheir over the children all sat in a circle robbin with zack on her lap as zak had now taken to robbin and followd her every wheir but instead of blowing off at him robbin just took him with her.

"Okay i have an anousement to make." said the principall. "As you know miss boldwin has been on work placement with us for the last fiew days. she has been studying to be a therapist and teachers aid but un be known to us the college have expelled her because they feel that she is allready to qualified and don't feel that the corse sutes her needs. i have decided that as anella is getting more and more students in her class that she needs an extra aid so if heidi wants it i am offering her the job. she will need training how ever on how to load the wheel chairs on and off the bus and also we will have to train her in handling all the diffent needs but we feel that working with them will give her the best training. she will work as anellas music and play therapist, she will be based in the office next to candus but she will be asignd to just anellas class." every one cheerd bethany and kennon the lowdest and every one then went home. when bethany cot and kennon got out side the school they found a strange van out side it. wheir is the usule van?" asked scott heidi then explaind that she had saved up and bought a wheelchair van for when she was able to take the children out alone and so that she could learn better how to strap them in place. coreen and jamason who had walked to the school from their house wheir by the van they strapped all the children then coreen climbd in the back with the children and heidi drove them all home.

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