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Chapter 105: the meating.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 23 November 2007 06:36 AM)

on the friday robbins parents jannet and david aims turned up at the school for the meating. robbin was left in a room on her own with heidi candus had decided that heidi had to have experiance with a troubled child. as anella had also been asked to atend the meating her class wheir taken to the room next door to the one that robbin was in so that jane and anna could go and help heidi if she needed it. In the meating room anella was explaining exactly what had happend in her class although the teacher was blind every one had come to have a lot of respect for anella. after anella spoke miss lane then explained what had happend in her class room three days ago. robbin had been kept off school till the meating to stop any other incedents happening.

"I am ashamed really because robbin seems to be hurting a lot laitly. once she pushed raymands wheelchair down a ramp and made him go over a rock." jannet explaind. they all decided that they would have robbin work in a room one to one with a member of staff if they could find some one she could like and trust.

after the meating they all went to have cups of coffie, candus who was concernd about heidi went to the room. robbin sat in the chair looking blankly at the four walls, heidi kept her disdance from the girl knowing that robbin could get vilant toords her at any momant. suddenly robbin burst in to uncontrolable teers. although knowing she was risking injury heidi went and bent down at the girl's eyelevel. robbin looked at heidi and senced that this woman would be nice and for the first time since she had been at the school had no disire to hurt someone. "Robbin, what's up? why are you crying." heidi said gentaly. just then candus came in to the room and sat at the back of the room it was the first time robbin had not blown off at a staff member so she just watched the exchange from the back of the class. robbin then did something unexpected she stood up and went closer to heidi still crying heidi infolded the girl in her arms and sat her on her lap on the sopha in the corner of the room. "It's okay robbin, no one wants to hurt you we all just want to help you." heidi said gentaly, watching heidi candus could not beleave how easy she got robbins atention, she knew that heidi would make a good therapist even teachers aid. Candus also knew that heidi was a naturalle and looking at heidi's first months of school reports could see that heidi was allready ahead in the course than she should be after a month of studying it that was why they had sent her on work placement so soon as she was going to pass the course with in six month to a year rather than the two to three years it should take. Suddenly anella and miss lane came in to the room and gorped at the way robbin was sitting so calmly on heidi's lap, when it was discribed to anella in a whisper anella was filled with admoration for heidi and the way she seemed to have a nack with the children. anella had allready seen heidi at work the day she had helped in her class. when robbin looked round and saw anella and candus and miss lane in the room her face went thunderass. she stood up and went to them but before she could get across the room heidi took the girl back to the sopha. "Come on robbin let's read the book together." to every one's amazement robbin sat next to heidi. when heidi started reading the book robbin listend with attention totaly on heidi's face. heidi then said "Now robbin your tern." robbin just shook her head, when heidi looked at robbin she could see that robbin was stering at the page looking puzzeld. "Robbin, can't you read or write?" heidi said. robbin just shrugged now every one could see why robbin was so frustrated if she could not read or write she odveyassly thought she was worthless, heidi knew that feeling because when she had first met the rosses she had felt the same way. suddenly robbin's atention went off heidi to the pianno in the corner of the room. heidi saw witch way she was looking and saw robbin's eyes light up. "Music, thats all i can do, i carry my flute every wheir with me and i love the pianno." robbin then took a case out of her bag and put the flute together. heidi then had an idear. anella and kandus wheir still speachless even the rest of anellas class had come in to watch what was going on and robbins parents. heidi went to the pianno and started to play anies song by john denver. as soon as she heard what the song was robbin joind in, no one not even her parents could beleave how butifully she played and heidi and robbin made a hansom duette. when the song finnished robbin put her flute away and then she sat at the pianno stool next to heidi's opening the lid of the pianno next to heidi's she began to play the same tune on the pianno with heidi joining in. when the intro was over robbin started to sing and then bethany joind in robbin looked at the little girl in the walker and suddenly a new respect grew for her. on hering the pianno's playing kennon came up and parked his wheel chair between them. "Kennon loves music." he said. robbin just ignored kennon but to her amazement heidi did not robbin was shocked when heidi started talking to kennon, robbin could not see what kennon had to offer. "Hello kennon, this is robbin." kennon put out his hand and wiggled his fingers.with some trepidation robbin shook kennons hand. "Hello kennon." she said gruffly. kennon then started to play the tune that every one loved robbin recognised the himm and started to play the cords and base heidi then went over to sing with bethany no one had heard heidi sing before but she had a voice like an angels and her and bethany sang well together. anella who had also been in a quire when she was younger then every one ellse joined. the room was full of music when the principall came in to see how things had progressed. "How is it going?" heidi came over and said. "Robbin can't read and write her dislexia is so bad every one had given up teaching her. robbin's anger comes out of frustration but her musicle tallent is fernomminall and i feel with a bit of help robbin could be a grate student, robbin play something for mrs chanda." robbin then played a very complecated classicle tune which none of them had heard before when it ended mrs chanda and the rest of the class wheir speachless. suddenly kennon started to play the same thing heidi watched as kennon picked up the tune he was even playing the cords. robbin was shocked by this little boy in the wheel chair who could not talk but she started to realize that theese children wheir spetial and knew that she had made a mistake. after kennon finnished playing the song heidi said "Have you heard that before kennon?" kennon shook his head, they all then realized that kennon was naturaly musicle. he then felt on top of the pianno and found the flute's case. "What this?" kennon typed. to every ones amazement robbin took the flute out of the case and gave it to kennon. "It's called a flute kennon." she said. she then shown kennon how you blew and played it but kennon's mouth actions wheir not strong inuff for it yet and he would need more work before he got to that stage. then robbin went over to zack and kissed him and lifted him in to her arms.zak who loved cuddles smiled. "Sorry, i'me really sorry." robbin said then then went and hugged all the other's she had hurt.on seeing bethany squinting aquordly she could see that bethany had visual problems. before any one realized what was happening robbin took bethany in to her arms and hugged her to.

"Let me be in miss anella's class please." said robbin.

"Okay i will give it a try." said anella. the principall agreed and then said "I need you all in the next room their is something happening."

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