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Chapter 104: Necessary Intervention
(by NativeRose, added on 22 November 2007 06:57 PM)

Miss Lane came to stand beside Robyn to find out what was happening.
"She said she was going to hit me!" Robyn said, pointing at the aide.
"Try telling the truth." the aide said impatiently.
"That is the truth. That boy was picking on me, and he kicked me!"
"That's not true!" the boy cried.
"I am ready to start class, ?Robyn. Why don't you sit here?" she indicated a desk in the row next to the boy. She was in the second seat in the row, and the boy occupied the end seat in the adjacent row of desks.
"No! I don't want to sit here!" Robyn yanked her arm free and tried to hit the teacher. "Hands down," Miss Lane said as she blocked the blow.
"Please put your hands on the desk."
"No!" Robyn moved to strike the teacher again.
"This behavior is not okay. Put your hands on the desk. If this happens again, you'll have to go into timeout. Do you understand?"
"So what? She proceeded to spit at the teacher. She clenched her fist and raised her hand to punch the teacher in the nose!
"You're going to isolation timeout." She reached for Robyn's arm, but she eluded Miss Lane's grasp and punched her in the stomach. One of the aides saw what was going on. They gripped her upper arms and wrists and firmly pulled her to her feet. They proceeded to take her to the psychology department, which was situated next to the self-contained classrooms with students with behavioral issues. As they entered, Robyn saw Candice.
"No! I'm not talking to her!" She stood on one foot and kicked the wall with the other.
"Seclusion timeout," Miss Lane said with a sigh. Since her arms were restrained, she kicked Candice and spit on the psychologist's shoes.
"I hate Miss Lane!" Robyn screamed.
"It is not okay to hurt other people," Candice said firmly, "and if you do, we will have to hold your arms and legs so you can't hurt people. You will also have to go to the timeout room."
"I hate you, too." They finally had to restrain Robyn, based on ProACT guidelines. They proceeded to take her to the seclusion room, which had motion-censored lights, a chair that was bolted to the floor, and a big, unbreakable window for staff viewing. Robyn saw two people standing outside the seclusion room. One was Candice, and the other was a person she met yesterday. Candice went somewhere else and left that other lady, Rachel, to watch the seclusion room. She stuck her tongue out at Rachel and pounded on the glass.
As Rachel watched Robyn, she logged the incident and worked on scheduling a meeting with Robyn's parents and teachers to develop and discuss Robyn's behavioral intervention plan. When she saw Robyn kicking and pounding on the walls, she wondered if they should put some sort of padding in the seclusion room. It was sound-proof, so it wouldn't disturb students and staff in the ares. After ten minutes, Rachel opened the door and asked Robyn to go into her office.
"No!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.
"Sit in the chair so I can talk to you for a second." In response, Robyn stuck her tongue out at Rachel.
"Do you understand why you were put in timeout today?" Robyn tried to kick Rachel from her place in the chair.
"Miss Lane brought you here since you were hurting other people. Do you want more time here?"
"I didn't think so, but if you keep hitting and kicking people, we'll have to bring you back here." This time, Rachel couldn't move fast enough to block Robyn's blow. Thus, she ended up with a bloody nose. She quickly closed the door to the seclusion room and asked another counselor to watch Robyn through the window. Rachel walked to the nurse's offices and asked Ashlyn for an ice pack.
"that's a good plan; your face is already beginning to swell. What happened to you?"
"I was about to take a student out of seclusion, and she let me know...in no uncertain terms...that she needed to be there for a longer period of time."

The counselor who was watching Robyn in the seclusion added to Rachel's incident report, and she agreed that they needed to figure out a behavioral intervention plan as soon as possible. After all, they were required to have a meeting to devise Robyn's individualized education plan with a strong focus on behavioral goals and interventions. She watched Robyn for another two minutes and saw that she was getting more agitated as she continued to kick the walls. She opened the top portion of the door slightly and said, "I want you to sit in the chair and work on taking some deep breaths. You need some quiet time before you go back to class."

Miss Lane, Rachel and Candice compared schedules and reviewed Robyn's behavioral events log so they were all on the same page. They scheduled the IEP meeting for Friday, and that was three long days away.

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