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Chapter 103: Robyn, Move!
(by NativeRose, added on 21 November 2007 11:03 PM)

Candice Goldsmith returned to her office, read Anela's Braille note and grabbed Robyn's file. She picked up the phone with growing apprehension and slowly dialed Jamillah Lane's extension. One of Jamillah's three aides answered, and Candice asked for the desired person.
"Jamillah, it's Candice. Do you have some time to meet with me today? I need to talk to you about the addition of a new student."
"Yes, I can meet with you in about fifteen minutes when the students go to lunch."
Jamillah arrived promptly at 11:15, and Candice began right away. She didn't want to consume much of Jamillah's time, as the teacher still needed time to eat her own meal. "Two new students arrived this morning. They were placed in Anela Smith's class, but one of them has some behavioral issues. Normally, I would encourage the aides, teachers and students to work things out, but this is a situation that must be resolved in another way. She injured three of Anela's students during recess this morning. It was as if she was taking advantage of their physical problems and mental developmental delays. I wouldn't consider this if the problem wasn't so serious."
"What types of things occurred? I ask so I know what to expect."
"first, the reason I thought to place her in your class is because I know your students' delays aren't the same as the students in Anela's class. She is less likely to injure them, and you have four students, as opposed to something like twelve."
"Yes, and she has fewer aides than me, but her students have greater needs and more extensive disabilities. It's just amazing how the students in that class interact!"
"Yes, I would agree. Robyn aimes flung sand in Andrea, Bethany and Scott's eyes; spoke harshly to Jenna and Rosalyn and pushed Zack. You know he doesn't have great physical abilities and is nonverbal; he sustained injuries to his face, hands and legs."
"Yeah, that's not a good situation."
"I think he needs to be placed in a different self-contained classroom."
"Perhaps mine would be more fitting. We can certainly try. Is her twin in Anela's class?"
"He is, but he's completely different than Robyn. Raymond is already fitting in nicely; he is much like the other students in Miss Smith's class. Okay, I'll work with Chandra, and you can expect Robyn tomorrow. You have my pager number, correct?"
"I do, but I'll verify that. Does Robyn need other auxiliary services other than psychotherapy?"
"No, she won't need physical or occupational therapy, specialized nursing care, physically or mentally adaptive classroom instruction or adaptive physical education."
"Are there any medical or dietary things I should know?"
"Not that I know of, but we can look through her file just to make sure."
"This could be an interesting experience; pray for me, Candice!"
"We need to continue to pray for Robyn, too." Candice said seriously, as Jamillah left her office.

Raymond was quite relieved that his sister wasn't in Anela's class, though he would never admit his feelings. She was often bossy and mean, but he didn't think she would hurt the other students. Then he remembered the time he was navigating the ramp at home and Robyn forcefully pushed him. His hands just weren't cooperating, so he couldn't slow the progression of his dangerously fast-moving wheelchair. It bounced over an unusually large rock, and his wheelchair veered so he ran into a bush. Robyn had laughed when she saw that the thorns scraped his arms. Perhaps he should have expected Robyn to take advantage of the vulnerable students in Anela's class. Still, he couldn't believe she had caused the severely delayed students Andrea and Zack. Sure, what she did to Scott, Bethany, Rosalyn and Jenna wasn't nice, but at least they could do something to get help. He was glad she was in a different class.

The next morning, Raymond and Robyn split up when they got to Miss Anela's class. Robyn tried to enter, saying something mean to Nequenta. Her mother firmly gripped her arm so she couldn't go into the classroom. Robyn was quickly directed to Miss Lane's classroom.
"Are you Jamillah Lane?" Robyn's mother asked.
"Yes," Jamillah said with a smile.
"Robyn Aimes is in your class?"
"You must be Robyn," she said, kneeling so she was at eye level with the girl.
"I'm Miss Lane."
"So what? How come that other stupid lady lets those retards call her by her first name?"
"She runs her class differently, but I will not tolerate statements like that."
As Miss Lane continued to talk to Robyn, the girl's mother walked back to Anela's classroom. Mrs. Goldsmith, the school psychologist, had told her the names of the students who were injured, and she wanted to make sure they were all right.
Anna saw the unfamiliar woman in the doorway and went to find out what she needed. She smiled when Raymond and Robyn's mother explained. Janet Aimes was shocked when she saw little Zack's swollen face, Andrea's inflamed eyes and Bethany's increasing struggles to see the letters on her paper. Scott, Rosalyn and Jenna, the other three students, didn't appear to be injured physically, but Janet had no idea what Robyn had said to them. She smiled once more when she saw Raymond use his reacher to pick up a crayon and hand it to a little boy who couldn't find or reach it. Next, when he saw a girl stumble and fall as she walked to the teacher, he went to make sure she was all right. Yes, Raymond fit perfectly into this group.

Robyn couldn't believe they put her in this class! Why did they change it? It was clear that this new teacher wouldn't be as tolerant as that freak everyone called Miss Anela. A boy looked at Robyn with a question clearly displayed on his face.
"Hey, what are you looking at?" she asked him.
"I just saw you're new."
"So what?"
"So who are you?"
"Screw you!" Robyn said as she kicked him.
"Hey! Leave me alone!" One of the aides saw the escalating conflict and rushed to separate the two students. Great, she thought, this is a good sign things are going to be tough.
"am I going to have to put you at a desk across the room?" she asked sternly.
"Whatever!" Robyn shot back. This was going to be a long day.

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