Pieces of the Child

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Chapter 101: kennon's next supprise.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 21 November 2007 01:21 PM)

when heidi sat next to kennon she then took his hand and let him feel the keyboard as he was feeling it she discribed what it did and all the keys to him. then she started showing him the c scale and tried to get him to listen to each note. kennon started to enjoy him self and after a while he was practising along with the others. then she moved on to teaching them a basic tune kennon scott and bethany got the hang of it the quickest heidi sat with kennon the hole time explaining everything to kennon. he thuraly enjoyed it and he scott and bethany wheir becomming naturells very quickly. then she challenged them all to make up their own tune based on what they had learned. when she had given them half an hour she then asked them to play their tunes back. raymand played a very slo walse which he had called slo dance. the others followd sute when it came to kennon he shocked every by playing the melody of the himm that heidi had played with raymand earlyer in the lesson and bethany had sang. anella and heidi and the aids wheir thrown.

"This boy has a bright mind, we need to find a way of getting him to understand things quicker." said anella. "Yes he has only heard that twice and i did not even teach them half the notes needed to play that song." they wheir shocked by this boy and wunderd how such a tallanted boy had so little understanding of the world and basic things like eating and talking. they decided they would have to get his file and investigate further in to kennons back ground to find out exactly what had gone on in his life before he had been taken from heidi and transferd to his foster perants.

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