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Chapter 100: the rest of the day.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 21 November 2007 11:59 AM)

after resess the children came rushing in with the walkers and wheel chairs. raymand just came in apart from the others and sat in the corner of the room at his desc. anella heard him sobbing from his corner but before anella could deal with him candus came in to the room. she spoke to heidi then left the room. heidi explaind to anella that candus had to spend the rest of the day with robbin and that the principall had asked if she could stay with annella. anella beamd. suddenly scott looked over at miss anella and saw heidi.

"Hay behth look who is here!" bethany then looked over and spotted heidi. "Cool what you doing here?" said bethany. before heidi had time to answer kennon piped up "What's going on?" scott said "It's nothing kennon. you will probly find out soon." anella then got the class in to the disscussion cercle as their music lesson was about to start. "where is mr simons? it's music time." anella then explaind that mr simons could not be at school any more only bethany and heidi knew the real trueth. "Ho good i am glad." said scott. un be known to anella and heidi betany had told scott the trueth. "Yes so untill wee can find some one who can teach your music we will have to cansel music lessons, i know you wheir all looking foward to your first lesson but i am afrade we will have to put it on hold untill we can find some one to teach it." anella who could not play an instroment could not take the music lesson and jane and anna wheir the same. sudenly kennon started waving his hands around and found an extra chair beside him. he knew that he was always sat at the end sso was supprised by the extra chair. suddenly he felt a fomillior hand in his. "Music can happen!" said kennon. anella then came over and bent down in front of kennon. she explaind to kennon again what she had just told the class. kennon then took anellas hand and put it on heidi's. "Kennon what are you trying to tell me." scott and bethany who had seen what went on said together "Miss heidi can do it said bethany, she is really good on pianno and organ and she is going to have a go to take mr simons place." anella was shocked. "Rhat is why you are doing music therapy as well then?" heidi said "Yes but i am not qualified yet i have only been studying for a month and this is my work placement while my studies continue." anella then saw the look on the children's faces. she decided that she would ask heidi any way. when she did heidi said that she would give it a go.

"Okay scott and bethany do you want to get the keyboards out of the cupbard." scott and bethany scooted around putting a keyboard on every ones desc including niquenta's as it would be good for her hands. when they wheir all plugged in and switchd on heidi went to the pianno. she then plade the c scale on the keyboard then she went round the class showing every one how to do it. suddenly she noticed that raymand was allready playing a tune. when she watched him she could see he could play. when the others stopped practising they listend to the tue raymand was playing when she heard the starting notes bethany realized it was the song that heidi had played on their first day of meating. suddenly heidi went to the pianno and joined in with raymand when they had finnished every one clapped. raymand then started it again and heidi joined in from the beginning. suddenly when the introduction was play bethany started singing and then the whole class even kennon had rememberd the song joind in. after they had finnished heidi took raymand in to the corner to talk privatly. "Raymand how long have you been learning keyboard?" raymand explaind that he had been doing it since he was five and he was now ten. heidi was immpressed and then she started to teach every one all the diffrent notes on the keyboard. kennon who was enjoying listening along with nequenta started smiling when he heard some one sit next to him.

"Okay kennon let's see if we can help you." kennon smiled when he heard heidi's voice

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