Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 95: Lance exposes more
(by jennifer palmer, added on 21 June 2008 03:06 PM)

Lance found himself wondering what the world would think of his next statement Jenni had told him whatever he did to do something good and he knew this would be tough but decided it was worth it, his life had never been easy but he knew he had to make amends and work to put the pieces he had shattered back in place. "I done decided to go back to school I gotta go get my GED I dropped out of school in eighth grade I know my intelegence shows when i talk more like the lack of it. I am such a mess. I gotta get my stuff together. But, i need some help." Jason looked at the man standing there such shame in his eyes knowing how he felt for the most part, he knew what feeling hopeless felt like. "hmmm, I guess i could help" this was from Autumn who sat up with much difficulty. "No, you need to rest I can find help Jenni knows some people i just need prayer that i don't return back down the path i have walked for twenty years. Ya know, I had a daughter I decided driving drunk was absolutely wonderful well, I hit a utility pole she is now in a nursing home unable to feed herself and i was told i was no father to her but i miss her, god do i miss her." Lance felt tears in his eyes his little girl Anna was his life before that night and after he remembered all the times he had tried to drink her off his mind and couldn't.Suddenly his cell phone rang. He knew that it was probably Jenni, she had added him on her plan not too long ago "ya feel like drinking, or using, you call me. those words had meant the world to him he had never had anyone offer to help him in his life. Lance glanced at the caller id, "who the???" He didnt realyze he had spoken aloud until jason glanced at him. "hello, what??? Yes this is lance, how can i assist you??? What Anna! What about her i was told i could... Um where??? I am there actually, what floor??? Oh lord... Ok, i am on my way where is her mother?? What walked out! Ok, on my way in a few minutes tell her Dad is on his way..." Lance stared at the phone who was that woman why had she called and who had given her the number??? all these thoughts ran through his mind as he glanced at Autumn with a smile. "Speaking of Anna, she is here, and her mom walked out on her, amazingly, she wants me... Wow how did they find me??? Oh well, i gotta go see her." "Lance hey come back when ya get a chance ok??" Autumn found herself speaking without thought, "oh and yes i will pray for you. ya got the number up here call if ya need anything if i can help i will." Lance looked greatful and shocked at the same time. "all right, i will hun be safe and just know Lynne felt no pain when she went and i certainly hope she found Jesus before hand." Lance walaked down the hall Marla looked at him there was a look in the man's eyes she found concerning but didnt stop him as he ran in to an open elavator. "seven" he said calmly the person in the elavator with him hit the button and he found himself praying. "god I know i have been lost, Please forgive me the sins i have committed, give me the strength to do what i must for anna and show me your love and courage.." He felt at peace as seven flashed on the consol, he ran out found the room and looked down at his sleeping Anna. "anna, hey honey it's me, I am here, It's all right." His voice broke on the last statement and he found himself crying. "daddy?" The voice was frail and not at all his little girl. "yeah honey?" "Why did you leave me??? Why did you keep drinking?? And who is Autumn???" "oh lord honey daddy hurt Autumn bad, I did stuff i really shouldnt of, I did so much harm I hope i can just be forgiven..." "Believe me you are," she sounded sure of herself. "I left cause i knew i had screwed up badly and also your mother told me to stay away. that i was worthless as a father. I kept drinking to erace the memory of that night they told me you would never recover. and from the looks of things they were right..." "no, no daddy, i did recover for the most part, I can move my arms, the only thing is i cant walk and i can't see in one eye but hey thats not so bad, I will survive I got that from my father.. You are not worthless or you wouldnt be here." Her voice sounded stronger but she looked weak. "honey what's wrong???" He found himself asking. "I have to have some stuff done on my good eye, gotta get somethin fixed and some plastic surgery to fix some stuff. but I will be fine. Daddy, will you be here will you be here when i wake up???" "Yeah," Lance had tears in his voice but he found himself reaching out for his daughter's hand. "of course I will." He smiled inwardly knowing some stuff was working out.

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