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Chapter 87: Lance opens up and other surprises
(by jennifer palmer, added on 30 April 2008 08:49 AM)

Lance Jacobs walked down the street. Lynne had just been forced in to rehab and he didn't have a clue what to do. He noticed a blind woman calmly sitting on a bench trying with no luck to light a menthall cigarrette he watched as time and time and time again the wind hit her bick lighter putting it out. "Hey, need some help" he asked as for the fifteenth time her lighter didn't light. "yeah, waiting on the 114 to take me to the AA hall downtown. I gotta get to a meeting before i drink myself in to a coma again." Her voice was calm but Lance understood. "Mind if i go with ya? He said as he took her lighter and lit the cigarrette. "no, but its a closed meeting, unless ya wanna quit drinkin they may put ya out they usually don't though." "Oh, i need to quit my girl is pregnant and i got some stuff to confess that put me in the pin probably for life but i wanna do this by the way, my name is Lance Jacobs, who are you?" Jennifer Palmer wasn't shocked at all by this man or his confessions to her. She had heard the story many times directing men and women to AA she found herself pulling out the big book in braille praying god would give her an answer. "the name is Jenni" she said a smile lighting her face as she took another drag. "look man, whatever ya did you ain't gonna fix it." "I can't fix the girl either. I did ... I raped her, i raped her a dying teen girl kidnapped her and i raped her." the last words came out in a sobbing scream and Jenni knew what to do. "ok, where is she?" "I don't know i was always drunk when i went to the hospital." "Ok, what is her name?" "Autumn Hanson, I screwed up Jenni, I can't live like this her mama is giving our baby to her daddy and his new girl Autumn is dying and i hurt her more than god can ever forgive." "Lance, god forgives all if you except Jesus as your lord and savior. And after the meeting, we are paying the hospital a visit you have to face the people you hurt, help to heal the carnage and try to repair the best you can without hurting others or the girl more." "i can't" he said flatly she will kill me. "no, she won't." Jenni pulled out her cell phone and began to tap in some numbers. "hello, yes i need the room forAutumn Hanson. Yes thank you ma'm yes, have a nice day. "hello, Autumn, listen i am on my way to an AA meeting i have a man here who claims he raped you." Listen, he wants to come by and talk i promise he will not hurt you anymore, I won't let him I am a rape victom myself so i know how you think all men are scum right now. But, he seems willing to make a mends, so i am taking him to a first step meeting and then we will be there if it is all right. All right, see ya then honey." Autumn was shocked, who was this Jenni why had Lance confessed to her, why had Jenni even tried, she decided to nap while they went to there meeting. Lance watched as Jenni got on the bus he followed uncertain what would happen knowing that if he stuck along side Jenni things would somehow fall in to place for him. Jenni wondered how this man did what he did she couldnt help but want to kill him there on sight but knew the lord wouldnt have it. They got off the bus and walked across the street Lance growing more nervous by the step Jenni praying aloud "god see this man through let him find solace in you and love and forgiveness as well in you and Autumn." Jenni opened the dorr and was greeted by the smell of coffee cigarrettes and familiar voices she reached out and took Lance's hand. "you will be fine darlin" she said, walking through the door. "I hope so, I truly hope this works." "It's not going to work unless you make the effort and work it." A man's voice boomed. "heya andy!"Jenni seemed to know the man so Lance found himself trusting the man's words. "Jenni, what ya doin with this man girl he looks dangerous honey." Jenni looked calmly straight in to the man's eyes and stated as if god had spoken the words to her long before. "Ain't no man dangerous who confesses his wrong doings and is willin to pay for them." Lance felt the tears coming then and knew he would be all right if god had his way. They sat down and the meeting started. When it was jenni's turn she totally surprised him by saying "hey, my name is jenni, and i am an alcoholic I tried to lie to myself to my friends and to anyone sayin i was sober when i wasn't damn me if it didnt slap me in the face, it hurt too, I knew i had committed a crime, I knew i wouldn't be here for a good while but i knew that god would look out for me. When andy drove me to that hospital to see that man i had stabbed that man i had tried to kill six months after he raped me, I knew god was there." Lance gasped in horor. "she had tried and killed a man he was shocked. "god was there all right, the man testified that i was trying to turn my life around that i was in treatment for my issues and going to AA to heal the demon of alcoholism. I am next to a man who was in my situation, and pray yall will pray that god will guide us today as i repeat Andy's moves today. There is a teen girl who has cancer, who may not live much longer, and who hates all men, but she sounded almost relieved when i said there was a man who wanted to speak to her." Lance was hurting now, how could this girl know so much? How did she know he was hurting beside her as she took his hand he guessed he had done something she could hear. "with that yall, I will pass." And it was his turn. "My name is Lance, i am an alcoholic, my girl is in a court ordered rehab center the girl i hurt was her daughter she thought it would be fun, I am unsure what to do hiding from the law and prayin. God help me. I hurt that little girl in more ways than the lord will probably forgive but Jenni says if i except jesus he will forgive. I want this I want love, faith, and to be free of this curse called alcohol." "I am so scared." He looked afraid to Andy Schmydt but Andy like many in the room were all ready praying for Lance. "i think i will pass now before i start crying." Jenni stood then and surprised them all by saying in that calm way of hers, "a man is not a man unless he sheds tears like any human in a plight would, oh and it ain't no crime to cry here god knows we all have." Lance let the tears come then as the meeting closed with the Our father. Then they started for the hospital.

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