Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 79: Imprisoned
(by NativeRose, added on 9 April 2008 11:57 PM)

The figure passed the incriminating evidence to the other person standing outside the window. The IV was left hanging with saline solution dripping on the floor. Usually, an alarm signaling the accidental removal of an IV would sound. However, the criminal deftly and suruptitiously disconnected the girl's call light and other implements leading to the nursing station. Thus, the nurses went through the corridor, peacefully checking on the other patients in the cancer ward. One of the final acts in preparation for this event was finally carried out just before the seemingly innocent nurse appeared before Autumn. An isolation sign had been posted on her door. When nurses saw that, they would catch each other coming and going to figure out what happened. By the time they untangled everything and put particulate masks on, the criminals and their quarry would be gone.

Autumn awoke in a completely unfamiliar place. It sure wasn't her hospital bed. She didn't hear the regular sound of the heart monitor. When she reached out, she didn't feel the bed rails. She was shivering, and she realized she wasn't covered with the customary but effective hospital blankets. After this thought slowly crawled through her confused mind, she realized she wasn't wearing anything at all! Where was her flannel, floral nightgown? The final thing that served to alarm her was the rope. Her arms had been pulled up over her head and tied together. Her legs were tied at the knees and ankles. Where was she? Obviously, it wasn't a safe place, and she could do nothing to defend herself. She lay on the cold concrete floor with her arms and legs bound, a perfect target for absolutely anything. Autumn heard footsteps outside a door, but they were getting closer. She trembled in fright when the key slipped into the lock and the door opened.
"You're right back where you belong," a familiar voice almost growled at her. Oh Lord, is this the end? This was her last thought before another figure, tall and imposing, standing above her with a most malicious gleam in his eye.

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