Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 62: lynn's deseption and james heart's arest.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 12:10 PM)

Un be known to james lynn had recorded the whole conversation as she still even in her drunken stupers thought of jason and autum and what this was doing to them. She had heard local gossip that jason and surria wheir attrackted to each other now she had been sober for the last couple of days she was beginning to realize that she wanted god in her life if jason had turned why could she not? As she pulled up out side the plece station she was angry she marched and asked to see the inspector dealing with automs rape case. when she was in his office she handed him the tape. when the inspector played it he was shocked and horrefied. after hering the tape with the inspector lynn did a detailed taped statement admitting to all her falts and she said that she wanted this man behind bars. the inspector who had known lynn since child hood could not beleave the person she had turned in to. He knew how ever that deep in side this woman's heart was pain and although she was trying to run from it it was their deep deep down. Lynn went to the apartment with the inspector and packed her stuff to leave. While she was packing james came home and told her to get out.

"don't wurry i am going and by the way their is a visitor in the hall."
as james went in to the front room two plese men took him down and cuffed him and led him out of the apartment to spend the rest of his life in jail."

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