Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 57: The Real Deal
(by NativeRose, added on 3 July 2007 12:01 AM)

Lynne had so many faces: the church-going face, the hospital expression, the motherly one. But no one knew who she really one except Autumn and Jason. Dariah and Jamison were slowly accepting that she was a devil inside.
" I don't mean to..." Jamison began, "Well, has your mom always been like that? I mean, she sure had me fooled!"
"Count me in," Sariah said solemnly. "She always seemed so concerned and kind."
"Autumn, why do you think your mom let me stay with her?"
"It made her look good to all the neighbors and people at church. She needs praise more than anything else. It's not real. Do you wonder why she was always gone and you had to fend for yourself?" Autumn heard the bitterness that crept into her voice, but she didn't care. Her mom had betrayed her so many times. She had broken ason's heart again, and now her best friend was seeing what a monster her mom really was.
"I guess...I never really thought about it. I mean, I've always had to stand on my own. Survival was nothing new. Some of the stuff she did was weird, but I figured it was just because she was stressed all the time. I mean, it wasn't like my family, where all I had to do was walk in the door, and they'd start throwing stuff at me."
"She always made sure she was somewhat together before she saw you. That was just one of the many masks...most people don't see the real person. They all think she's just wonderful...until they really get to know her and trust her. Then they see what she does, who she is." Autumn couldn't believe it! Hot tears rained down her face, and her heart was ablaze with the fire that consumed her. When had she become so angry with her mom? Hadn't she prayed for God to get a hold of her. She saw the questions on the faces of her family and friends, but she couldn't tell them what happened last night.

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