Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 56: Finale
(by NativeRose, added on 2 July 2007 11:39 PM)

"Dad?" Autumn's voice brought Jason back to reality. He had been watching Sariah as she moved about Autumn's room. He turned from the door, where he had watched Sariah leave, back to his daughter.
"You're attracted to her. I know it's true. I see it every time she's in the room."
"If you had met and married her first, things would be so different." Jason was surprised that Autumn's thoughts mirrored his own. If only he had met Sariah first...
"So go ask her!" Autumn was saying.
"What? I'm sorry...I didn't hear what you said." Autumn laughed.
"I said, you know she feels the same, so don't be afraid of rejection...go ask her!"
"But...I can't believe we're having this discussion."
"Oh, come on, if I was up to it, I'd play matchmaker--"
"Like Fiddler?"
"Yeah, and..." Her voice trailed off as she heard Sariah enter the room.
"They said your food should be here shortly, Autumn...oh, did I interrupt something?" The expression on Jason's face was inscrutible, but Autumn couldn't contain her mirth.
"All right," Sariah said, feigning anger, "what is it?" Autumn pointed at her dad.
"You might just have to tell me, Autumn, we've rendered him speechless!" Sariah and Autumn laughed as Jason actually blushed!
"Oh, you women get me into so much trouble!" Jason said, pretending to reciprocate Sariah's anger. Then they both grew serious. Sariah leaned toward Jason and whispered loudly enough for Autumn to hear, "The answer is yes." Jason stood, mouth agape, staring at Sariah in apparent wonder. Autumn and Sariah were no longer laughing, but their faces reflected the same joy in Jason's heart.
"Oh, this is just so exciting! You two finally did something about your feelings!"
"Well, don't start planning the baby shower yet, Miss Autumn," Sariah said, acting put out.
"Yes, ma'am...I mean...nurse."
Such friendly banter would always be remembered because of what happened next.

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