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Chapter 55: Saving Sariah
(by NativeRose, added on 2 July 2007 03:35 AM)

Sariah proved to be exactly what Jason needed to get through the worst of his pain over the same betrayal yet again. She was strong and gentle, sincere and sensetive. She was not judgmental at all, and she was so compassionate. Jason found himself comparing Sariah to Lynne. If he had met Sariah first, he surely wouldn't be in this mess. As Sariah helped Jason and Autumn over the next few months, Jason began to notice other personality traits. Sariah could be funny as well as caring. He suddenly realized how beautiful Sariah was. Oh, others might look at Sariah and see a very plain person, and they'd say she was nothing compared to Lynne's physical beauty. Jason slowly realized that he was attracted to Sariah, not because of her physical characteristics, but because of her inner beauty. She bubbled with life, and she overflowed with love for those she served. Jason was extremely hesitant to voice his developing feelings, for fear of yet more betrayal. He was certain she would never do such a thing, but he couldn't make his mind and heart to connect. He didn't want to open himself up to another and let her take advantage of him. Sariah's sweet face glowed with an intensity and true joy that expressed her love for God. She was a true servant, and she wasn't ashamed of her Savior. She was there when Jason was shattered once again. She was his constant support when he felt like a lost child and just happened to show it. Her obvious love and concern for Jason began to fill the emptiness Lynne had left. Jason wasn't sure if he would have made it without Sariah there to comfort him, and he was thankful that God had blessed him with such an amazing friend.

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