Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 41: Lynne starts to turn to god.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 7 May 2006 06:40 PM)

On that sunday morning after autams fantastick speach lynne went to church with jamerson.
"Good morning miss keller. it is nice to see you here this morning."
Lynne nodded and went to sit down with jamerson. She really enjoyed the servace and when they got home asked jamerson if she could read his bible.

"Yes sure you can if you need any help to understand things then just let me know and i will help you with it. That is important ou understand."
When they got to the hosbitall they found autem p and about and out of bed.

"What is going on here?" asked lynne.
"Aauem is showing improovement said the doctor we are giving her some more tests tomorrow."

"Mom sorry you wheir write not to trust dad, he has gone again and says he can't deel with me being ill but now i am immprooving he does not need to bother with me any more."

"I am sorry deer just remember i and jamerson and god are here."
"Autem mom came to church with me this morning."

lynne and jamerson told her about the service and they all had a long chat about the future and what was lightly to come.

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