Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 39: yet another mirical
(by toni kalvans, added on 21 April 2006 05:31 PM)

"so how do you get close to god then?" asked her farther. Autum suddenly seemed to re-gain some strength and sat bult upright. Her face lit up and she looked totally relaxed. "Dad you simply ask jesus to come in to your life thats all." a nurse came in and gasped. "Autum your up? how has this happened the colour is back in your cheeks!" Autum smiled and reached for jamisans hand. "Its faith, god and my friends and family that have given me this strength and courage. I know the road is long and uncertain, but i've my faith friends family as much medical care as can be offered, what more could i want? i could sit and feel sorry for myself but u all know thats just not me!" lin was back in the room to. "ddarling, whatever it is its a mirical and i'm going to cherish the valuable time i have with you. WE all love you so much Autum, never forget that."

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