Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 32: Jamison's mind
(by Alison, added on 20 September 2004 01:23 AM)

Jamison couldn't speak--he couldn't think. Autumn...
"Jamison---here!" Lyn cried hoarsely, motioning him in to an elevator. he ran to it, and slammed the button for Autumn's floor.
Jamison had to fight hard to hold back tears, the tears that Lyn was also battling to control. He loved Autumn so could she have cancer? It wasn't fair, to him, or autumn, he thought.
they were there. the doors opened, and he rushed toward Autumn's room.
"Autumn!" he whispered, rushing to her bedside. he took her hand. small, lifeless.
"Autumn." he repeated, now letting the tears flow freely from his eyes as he watched her still face.
He stood there, by her bedside, holding her hand, not letting go of it for a second.
"Autumn...don't do this--don't leave...hold on," he said, as he heard Lyn come in.
"I'll leave you with Autumn," he said, and left the room, sadness in him, mingling with wory, and anger at this cancer...this disease that was killing his friend.

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