Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 30: Autumn's last chat...
(by Alison, added on 19 September 2004 03:35 AM)

Autumn talked to Anna over the next week, also speaking occasionally with Sierra and Scott. Although Sierra had gone home, they often talked on instant messanger, and on the phone. Scott visited, and also, they had talks on the phone. she always remembered to give Scott and/or Anna a hug before they left, for she new she might not see them again. she always remembered to tell Sierra that she loved her, encase...just encase.
As for Jamison, he visited her as offten as Lyn could take him, standing by her bedside, talking to her in a soothing voice. Autumn always remembered to give Jamison, and her mother, a hug as well.
"Autumn...?autumn? are you up?" Jamison's soothing voice reached her ears, and she sat up.
"yes, jamison. I am."
"Ah good."
"I'm just a bit know."
"yes, I do know...I'll let you go back to sleep now." he gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, and left the room. Autumn did not know, however, that, if Sariah had not been on duty that night, that would have been her last conversation with jamison...forever.

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