Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 3: Birthday Fun
(by Shanda , added on 28 March 2004 01:38 AM)

Autumn still stood there speechless as everyone around her laughed at her. Her mom put the cake onto a table and hugged her daughter.
"Happy Birthday, Autumn Rose". She said into her ear.
Anna took a knife and cut the cake and placed it onto flowered plates for everyone to eat. Autumn made a wish, and dug into her cake, ravenous.
After the eating of cake and ice cream was over, presents were handed out. Autumn got a new CD from Anna, a new outfit from her grandparents *(they sent it by her Mom) and a hardcover Bible from her boyfriend, Clayton. The Bible was the New Living Translation, one Autumn had wanted for years.
After all the birthday fun was had, they got down to play practice with it being just a week away. During the practice, Autumn's head began to throb violently and taking an over-the-counter medicine didn't help.

ractice over, Autumn and her Mom drove home. Autumn's head was hurting so bad now that she couldn't see well, and tears were streaming down her cheeks because of the pain.
Autumn had never known pain like this, nor did she ever in her life think she'd experience what was about to come.

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