Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 28: Sweet Relief
(by Caitlin, added on 10 July 2004 02:01 AM)

Autumn lay in her bed, looking around at her familiar room. The banner was still strung up, the nurses and patients on the floor had refused Autumn's embarrassed request to have it taken down. Autumn gazed at the banner admiringly, happily, fondly. She was so glad to be back.
Settling back under the covers, she felt so at peace. Though her head ached slightly, she ignored it. Probably just the hustel and bustle of the move from floor to floor, she thought to herself.
She relaxed, a smile on her face.
How good it was to be at her second home, her home in the hospital.
Back with the patients and nurses and doctors she knew.
Back where she belonged.
Presently, Autumn slept, the most peaceful rest she had had in quite sometime.

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