Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 26: She's Okay?
(by Caitlin, added on 30 June 2004 03:55 AM)

"Autumn!" Sariah said, looking eagerly into her small face. "Can you hear me?"
When she spoke, her voice was hoarse.
"Sariah? Is that you?"
"Yes, Autumn. oh, thank goodness you're conscious!"
"Did I have a seizure?" asked autumn.
"No, you didn't," Sariah said, dashing to the foot of the bed and consulting some printouts the machines attached to Autumn had just spat into trays. "The nurse on duty overdosed your medication and you went into cardiac arrest."
"Oh geez," Autumn exclaimed.
"How do you feel, Autumn?" Sariah questioned.
"Okay, i guess. My chest kind of hurts." She looked down. "Whoa. Could one more tube fit in there?"
"I know, Autumn. I know. They're giving you medication and food and oxygen and all. Not all those are in your chest, but have connections there. We'll be taking some of those off, now that you've awakened."
"Cool," Autumn said with a small smile.
Jamison came up to her.
"Hi," he said shyly.
"Oh, hi, Jamison," she said, smiling. "I had a dream about you, I think. You were beside me. And you were talking, but ... I didn't hear the words. You sounded like you were praying."
"I was," Jamison said, a lump in his throat. "I always will be."

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