Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 25: A New Light
(by NativeRose, added on 30 June 2004 03:40 AM)

Jamison remained with her throughout the next two days. He couldn't wrench his eyes from her still, lifeless face. She looked at peace, like all the strain bothered her little. Her body spoke of something completely different. She looked wasted and pale. Autumn had grown so very thin, and with all those tubes, needles, and machines, she looked to be a different person. His thoughts were interrupted when...

"Sariah! Sariah!" He bolted from the room.
Sariah ran from the nurses station.
"What is it?" she asked breathlessly.
"Autumn! She...she..." He pointed toward the doorway.
Sariah rushed in, and stopped short. Autumn had opened her eyes.

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