Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 19: The Golden Revival
(by NativeRose, added on 31 May 2004 03:14 AM)

Sariah Golden was the charge nurse on this particular night. She had seen the blossoming romance between the girl with cancer and the suicidal boy. It was so refreshing to see them draw hope from each other, and their shared love of Jehovah. She too, lived only for Jehovah...Oh, someone in that room needed something.
Sariah strode into the room, but stopped short when she saw Janet, face red, and Autumn with blood streaming down her face.
"Janet and Amos Perkins? You need to leave this hospital right away! Do I need to call security?"
"No, we'll leave, but don't expect us back to pick up that low-life religious nut, who's wasting his life on that thing." Amos growled as he pointed at Autumn. They staggered out of the room, as Sariah painstakingly removed the shards of glass and cleaned up her face. Jamison was there the entire time, holding her hand and speaking softly to her in calm, reassuring tones until she drifted into an uneasy, dreamless sleep.

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