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Chapter 14: The Lifeline
(by NativeRose, added on 27 May 2004 04:06 AM)

Jamison Perkins walked home from school on that cold, snowy Thursday in December. He knew he just didn't want to live anymore. There was nothing for him, and no one would care if he ended it all, right here, in the middle of this desolate patch of trees. That's what he would do. But wait...where was he?

Jamison opened his eyes and stared at the glaring white lights of a hospital room. What was he doing there?
"Jamison," Janet, his mother, said softly. He could tell she had been drinking, her speech was slurred, and she swayed as she stood next to his bed. Her breath smelled of alcohol. He knew where she had been. Where was his father? Oh...right. Now he remembered.
"Jamison!" his father raved.
"What were you thinking? Why would you do something so stupid? You would try to commit suicide? You're a failure, you can't even succeed at killing yourself! You're a fool!" His father had been at the bar with his mother.
Security came in to escort Jamison's loud parents out of the hospital.
"We're not coming back!" Jamison's father shouted.
He sighed. How had he ended up here, anyway. His dad said he tried to kill himself? Then, it all came rushing back to him. He started to cry, despite his efforts to conceal his emotion. He didn't notice the girl in the bed next to him until she spoke.
"Jamison?" she said gently.
"What?" he snapped.
"I didn't mean to bother you. I just wanted to tell you that you are special no matter what your parents say. You're special because God loves you as you are."
"You don't know what I've... Did you say because God loves me? You believe in God?"
"Yes, I certainly do." She smiled.
"My name is Autumn Hansen."
"I'm Jamison Perkins. What are you in for?"
"Oh man, what a bummer."
"Yeah. Jamison, want to know something?"
"What's that?"
"You're a godsend. You see, I have felt that way. I didn't think there was any reason to go on. Then you landed in the bed next to me, and I decided I wanted to help you in any way I could."
"Really? You would do that for me? I'm just a lame religious nut, with two drunken parents who don't know which way is up. And I tried to kill myself, and I didn't succeed I'm a failure, just like my father said."
"Well, we're going to get you out of that. I don't care if it kills me."
"Autumn, I'm willing to battle the cancer along with you." Jamison turned and looked at her for the first time. The expression on her face told him she would stick to her word. It had been a long time since he'd met someone he could trust. She looked to be one of the few; still, she would have to prove this to him.

Autumn saw something in this boy whose heart was hardened, almost hardened beyond repair...almost, but not quite. She thought he just needed one good friend, someone who would always be there with him, someone he could trust. She wanted to be that person, she would do everything that was humanly possible to show him that he had a friend in her until the end, even if the end was only a month away.

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