Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 135: The Next Step
(by Bethany Rose, added on 30 May 2012 07:13 AM)

Someone--Jamison and Jason didn't know who--called the hospice chaplain, and he arrived shortly after Autumn's physical end. He listened to and prayed with each person in turn. When the group gathered together, the hospice chaplain and nurse reassured the friends and family that they could help with final arrangements.
"And when you're ready, know that we want to help you adjust. Remember that hospice has bereavement groups to help you through the first twelve months. We'll keep in touch with you as well." the chaplain reminded the group. Of course, they knew these things, but it was important for them to receive reassurance, since they wouldn't be thinking about the technicalities and might not be able to think about the immediate future right then.

Five days later, Autumn was laid to rest after an intimate service that celebrated her life. But what was next? Jamison didn't know what he would do after Autumn. How could he get through the empty days ahead? His whole life had been Autumn. Had been--they were such ugly words! He still wanted Autumn with him; he didn't want to have to think in the past tense.

The hospice chaplain and bereavement support groups greatly helped Autumn's loved ones to take the next steps. They needed to switch from fervently praying for Autumn's peace and comfort--barring a miracle--to praying for God to help them heal. Morgan, Jamison and the Corbin children decided they wanted to help with brain cancer awareness and research. In that way, they could continue Autumn's legacy. Each of her friends and family members could honor Autumn in their own unique ways. Perhaps this, along with dependence on God and each other, helped them heal the most. They would strive to honor Autumn through the ways they lived. There wasn't a better way to celebrate Autumn's life.

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