Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 128: Decisions
(by NativeRose, added on 29 December 2011 06:25 PM)

Autumn had just been wheeled into a recovery room and and her family members, faithful nurses and friends had seen far too many times. Jamison sat beside Autumn's bed, holding her hand, thinking about all of the times he had done the same thing. He was the first person who had been permitted to see her after surgery, and the doctor went to inform the rest of the family and friends.
Carrie, the charge nurse, was covering Abbie's shift, so Jason and Abbie, Alan and Anna, Morgan and Michelle sat in the waiting room, anxiously awaiting a report.
"The below-the-knee amputation was successful," the doctor informed the agitated group.
"Oh, thank God!" Abbie exclaimed.
"What's next?" Jason asked.
"I can't believe this happened, and that we're responsible," Anna mumbled in complete despair.
"Well, we're going to put her on IV antibiotics, especially since she has a lowered immunity. Right now, she's neutropenic--"
"Neutro what?" Alan asked.
"Neutropenic--she has almost no ability to fight infection right now, so we're starting with one broad-spectrum antibiotic."

While Autumn was in surgery, the family made some important decisions. It was decided that, since she was still receiving cancer treatment and rehabilitation after the brain surgery, fitting her for, and starting use of a prosthesis would not be appropriate at this time. Jason and Abbie also decided that they would continue to care for Autumn when she was released. Their home was already accessible, and they had a team of personal and professional personal care attendants to assist her. Most importantly, they wanted her to be surrounded by people she loved and who loved her. She needed people she knew she could trust to care for her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A tragic decision was also made that night after Anna and Alan saw Autumn in recovery.

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