Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 103: A Friendship Ended
(by jennifer palmer, added on 11 November 2008 07:33 AM)

Lance sat at Jenni's computer writing out a college application online. He heard the phone ring and answered it. "Hey Lance" It couldn't be he thought. "Why don't you and me go out tonight" she said her speech was slurred beyond comprehention. "Becky, don't call here again" Lance said his tone angry. "Ah lance ya didnt take up with that girl of Lynne's did you." He stared. "why? He was puzzled. "Cause that girl wasnt nothin but trouble to us ya shoulda killed her instead of just raping her." Lance started to feel his blood boil. "What did you do that for. I was just starting to turn shit around how could you' He found himself screaming.
"she doesn't deserve nothin but trouble" "you bitch" he screamed don't you ever do such shit again cause i will sight you as an accomplass". Lance stared in shock praying for guidance the while. "But lance, i did it..." He cut her off you did it for yourself! Well, i am tending to this right now." He hung up and dialed the hospital. "Hey Ms Golden do me a favor, keep that woman Rebecca away from there and know it didnt have a damn thing to do with me" he said flatly. "I didn't know of any of this and i am getting an order of protection and sighting her as an accomplass to the rape I will not be the only one goin down for this I refuse." He waited for the nurse's response praying. Lord help us now we need it so badly." "Ok, she was banned from the building and Autumn probably doesn't hold anything against you I jus couldn't believe that woman came here talking that stuff about you after all of the progress you were making how is the schooling stuff going anyway?" "it's all right i am in the application process for colleges that will take my scores and such." I gotta go he said this thing has a time limit and I need to get ready to run to Oakwood, there is an AA meeting tonight and i am going to see if they will let me join in. He hung up returning to his application praying for something good to happen. If he only knew the answers to his prayers were soon to come.

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