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Chapter 100: The Intertwined Life
(by NativeRose, added on 30 October 2008 09:48 PM)

Lana rolled out of bed when she realized the time.
"8:00! Oh no! I have to get to the bus stop by...oh, I'll never make it in time!" It was a darn good thing Lana's best friend was the director at Oakwood. It wasn't for that reason she was hired; rather, they chose her because of her credencials. As Lana ran to the phone to call the director, Leah, to tell her of the circumstances, she glanced at the calendar. She sighed with relief when she saw that her first day with the people at Oakwood would be tomorrow.

It was strange--how the whole thing came about. Lana had taking an addictions course for her MAC, and she was in the same class with Lynn...what was her last name? Lana remembered seeing Lynn's conflicted expression whenever they talked about alcoholism. She dropped the class two weeks into it, but Lana had heard enough to know things weren't quite right. She learned that Lynn had a daughter named Autumn, and she was dying. The only reason Lana remembered the girl's name was because she thought it was lovely the first time she heard it. She also revealed something about some guy; the events surrounding that man eluded her. Just then, her phone rang.
" you Lana, uh...the AA person?" What in the world was this all about?
Her focus shifted to the conversation at hand.
"I heard about that deal with Jenni and that Oakwood place. She said that the group leader did some unacceptable stuff, and she was fired. Well, someone told me you're the new person?"
"Who are you?"
"Oh, sorry. I guess I didn't tell you that in the midst of my babbling. I'm Lance, Jenni's friend."
Lance! That was it! He was the one who screwed things up for Autumn.
"...can go tonight? Oh, I have to go; Anna needs something." Before Lana could open her mouth, she heard the "click" on the line. She hadn't heard the first part of Lance's question. Her immediate revelation just took over her mind, and she hadn't heard a thing beyond his question about "tonight." He didn't even leave a number. Maybe he would call back.

Now Lana remembered the rest of the story. Lance was the man involved in Autumn's life, and it hadn't been a pleasant experience. She was able to fill in the rest of the pieces, because she had met Autumn some time later. It appeared that Lance was really changing. She hadn't heard a thing about Lynn since she signed herself out of rehab; according to Lynn, it was a complete waste of time. What a connection! How did Lance ever get mixed up with Jenni? Lana would find out soon enough.

That night, everyone introduced themselves and shared something lighthearted. They all had issues with drinking, among other things, so Lana decided they would start out with something a little less serious. These people were labeled "alcoholics" and eventually, that became their identities. And when Jenni spoke, Lana knew she was about to reveal something more.
"Yeah, so there is this girl who's in the hospital. She's super cool. When we played cards together, I told her she would have to close her eyes and read the Braille. Of course, she didn't know a thing--she's sighted--but she laughed all through that game. That's one of the few pleasant things I remember, but I'm glad I can think about that and not all the tragedy."

As Lana went through the next few weeks, she learned more of the story. She was beginning to figure out how the puzzle fit together. But noone knew what would unfold back in Autumn's hospital room.

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