Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 93: the end of Lin
(by emma , added on 26 May 2008 09:02 PM)

Just as Lin was thinking these four security guards came in and picked up Lin and started to carry her out of autumn’s room. As Lin was getting carried away she screamed at autumn “I will be back for you autumn!!!” When she had left the ward autumn burst in to tears of fear. Jamison, Sariah, Abbie and Jason went up to autumn’s bed and tried to comfort her. But it was no good.

As Lin was walking back to the rehab centre she was plotting in her mind what she was going to do to autumn to make her last few months a living hell. But as she was crossing the road just outside the rehab centre Lin tripped over. As she lay on the road a car came and ran her over. When the ambulance turned up Lin was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver in the car was never found.

Jamison, Sariah, Abbie and Jason stayed for a few hours before they had to get home for some sleep. Just before Sariah and Abbie went off shift they brought Nancy and Marla up to date on what had happened that day. Autumn could not sleep what with the fret that her mother had made. She jumped at every noise. But she must have dosed off because the next thing that she could remember was Abbie shaking her awake for her morning medication. Abbie had a grate big grin on her face. “Good morning autumn how are you feeling this morning? I have some good news for you.” Autumn looked up at abbbie and asked “what is the good news. “Just wait a minute!!” Just then Jamison, Sariah and Jason came in to the room with big smiles on their faces. “Your mother has dyed autumn she was on her way back to the rehab centre when she got run over” said Jason giving his daughter a grate big hug. Autumn jumped out of bed and gave her dad a hug. “You are telling me the truth rant you” all four of them nodded at her and grinned. .

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