Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 92: The Answer Questionn
(by NativeRose, added on 26 May 2008 12:41 AM)

"Which story is true: the one you told me or the one you just shared with us?" What? Lynn hadn't expected that kind of a question.
"what are you talking about?" she asked in a shaky voice. They all thought the wavering voice was because she was on the verge of crying again, but it was truly fear that consumed her. What would they do? They can't do anything, she thought, hiding her smug expression behind the papers in her hand.
"Well, you told me you grew up in a Christian home, but you were tired of listening to their silly rules. You said you struck out on your own at seventeen, when we got together...before Autumn was born. So which one is true?"
"I...Well...this is all just to smear my reputation! You know what really happened, Jason!
"Oh, give me a life!" Jamison said, marching toward Lynn.
"Jason! How could you do that to me? How could you accuse me of lying? And where the heck did you spin a fairy like the one you shared today? you said I lived in a Christian home, and I just wanted to free? What nonsensical crap is that? You're turning them all away. You will not even me allow to stand beside my daughter as she dies!" She feigned tears again, but Jamison ripped her paper "mask" away and saw the real malicious gleam in her eyes.
"You know what, lady?" Jamison began in a menacing whisper, "You're the one who has created this entire mess. Do not drag Jason and Autumn into this! She's having enough trouble already. Did you need to inject your own needles into if she doesn't have enough of her own! You don't deserve the privelege of walking with her through this life!" He mouthed this last sentence, so Lynn was the only one who knew what he said. Jamison didn't want anyone to hear his harsh declaration. All the nurses could handle it, and Autumn probably could, too, but he'd rather not find out. She was going through enough stuff already. Jamison believed his statements made in righteous anger were not sinful; would God not want us to protect His child? Would He not want us to shield her and then carry out of this life, where He would receive her? Because Lynn was the only person who saw this last statement, her next words were a surprise for all others.
"No! You can't take her away! I'm her mother, and you will not refuse me!"
"What?" several people asked.
"I gave her life, and you would deny me the privelege of going through until she dies?"
"Shut up! I'm starting to feel like a toy!"
"But I didn't--" Lynn began.
"Shut your blasted mouth, lady! I don't want you to go with me until I'm done. Otherwise, I'll have the nightmare with me until I die, and I want peace! Do you even know what that is?"
"I am still your mother!"
"To heck with you, lady! You're nothing to me! sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I was never born." Where did that statement come from?
"Yes, well, there were, and still are, many times I wish I had had an abortion. If I had known I'd be in this mess with everyone here, I surely would have done that!" She delighted in seeing the stricken expressions and hearing the surprised gasps. Then she saw the tears in Autumn's eyes. Despite what Autumn said, Lynn could still reach her. Although she said she didn't care about Lynn and whatever she did, but Lynn could see that was not true. Well, let her live with that to comfort her on her road to death.

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