Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 86: Confinement
(by NativeRose, added on 18 April 2008 11:57 PM)

Lynn and Lance were plastered most of the time. In the beginning, she almost forgot she was pregnant...almost, but not quite. Abbie had forced her to see an obstetrician. She couldn't force Lynn to continue to go to her appointments. The lack of money seemed a good excuse to get that nurse off her back. But then, Abbie had said several others were helping to pay the lump sum. Lynn wouldn't forget the OB's words to her.
"You must cease your drinking. You must also develop regular and healthy eating habits. Your baby depends on it! The alcohol consumption will greatly impair, if not kill, your baby!" the doctor had stressed quite emphatically and often.
"So what could happen?" Lynn had asked.
"You're early in your pregnancy, so it could result in organ dysfunctions, and if you continue, he or she could have physical disabilities and mental and emotional problems. Surely, you don't want to cause such problems. Fetal alcohol syndrome is completely preventable."
"No, I'm not a murderer, but the risk of killing this thing ain't that high, right?"
"Lynn, this is a life. Would you inject poison into your daughter or intimate?"
"No," Lynn said, concealing a smile. She hadn't been the one to inject drugs into Autumn; she was just the accomplice.
"I'm going to refer you to a substance abuse treatment program."
"What?" Lynn exploded.
"That might be the only way to keep your baby alive, and it can improve yours as well. I garuntee--"
"You can't do this!"
"No, but the judicial system might have something to say about it." The doctor firmly led Lynn from the office. As she turned away from the window, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was then that she began praying for that little baby. She prayed that Lynn would abide by these conditions for the baby's sake.

Lynn was just livid! How dare that doctor criticize her for her lifestyle. It was her baby, and she should be able to do whatever she wanted to. She certainly wouldn't attend a stupid center that would be a waste of time. Different plans were in place that would reverse this decision.

Judge Amanda Nelson would preside over the hearing that was scheduled for the next day.
"You're out on parole, Miss Keller."
"One of the conditions is that you attend a drug addiction treatment program, where your health will be stabalized for you and the baby. You will also begin counseling sessions with staff at Meadow Springs. If you violate these terms--"
"You can't send me back to jail!" Lynn shouted, though it sounded more like a whine.
"Miss Keller!" the judge reprimanded severely, effectively silencing the pregnant woman's tirade. "you are court ordered to begin this treatment before five days are out. Because of the serious and life-threatening nature of this problem, we must proceed with expediency. If not, you will be heavily fined and you will return to jail without parole." She finished with finality, whereupon Lynn was led out of the courtroom and to the authorities who would transport her elsewhere.

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