Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 8: Anna
(by NativeRose, added on 14 April 2004 08:25 PM)

Anna walked home from school with her friends Lauren, Jenna, Leah, Autumn wasn't with them on this particular day. She had had a seizure that day in school due to her brain tumor. She had been rushed to the hospital for further testing. Anna wondered where she was at that moment. She knew Autumn had another treatment that afternoon. Jenna's voice broke into her thoughts.
"Anna, are you listening?"
"Oh, what was that?"
"Are you going to the dance on Friday night?"
"How can you even think of such a thing at a time like this? Autumn is in the hospital, she's currently having another chemotherapy treatment, and you're worried about what you're going to wear to the dance?"
"Well, yeah, I guess you're right."
"You realize that she won't be able to go to this dance that everyond is so excited about?" Lauren said.
"Yeah, what a bummer."
"Hey, why can't we bring the dance to her? Why couldn't we have a party just for Autumn?" anna suggested. Thus began the plans and preparations for Autumn's special day.

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