Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 78: Looking Glass
(by NativeRose, added on 9 April 2008 11:41 PM)

The peephole was just large enough to see blurry images moving in that girl's room. The accomplice cooked up a course of action beyond anything those religious nuts could create. The ideas came and that plan was set in motion. It had to be carried out with great precision and care. Even a slight mistake could prove to be disastrous. The perpetrator couldn't have anyone screwing up the perfectly catastrophic nightmare. A malicious smile complimented the smoldering eyes. That smile changed to something angelic when another person could procure the desired item.

Autumn's friends bid her good night with many prayers and assurances that they would not leave her. Still, she was not at peace. She couldn't erase the memory of the expression of hatred on her mother's face and the danger portrayed in her voice. She tried to sleep, but her mind was still racing. Soon enough, however, she sluggishly thanked God for her friends...and especially for the sedative Josiah had injected into her IV.

When she awoke, she couldn't see the clock to find out how long she had slept. Someone or something was blocking her view. She turned toward the door and found it closed. What was that all about? Her mental fog gradually began to fade. The person before her wore a nursing uniform, so she didn't think anything of it. She figured it was just the nurse who made the hourly rounds, periodically checking vitals. She began to surrender to the sweet oblivion but was sharply and suddenly jolted into clear and terrifying reality. It was the sensation of cold metal against her chest. However, when she noticed the immediate elimination of that coldness, she became quite alarmed. That nurse was doing something with her IV, but what was the deal with the metal? Then her whole sense of equilibrium got mixed up, and she felt herself slipping into darkness again; however, this time it was like death.

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