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Chapter 76: The Dawn
(by NativeRose, added on 7 April 2008 03:27 AM)

Lance and Lynn spent the night together in drunken bliss. But when she woke in the morning, she looked at her surroundings with dismay and growing dread. Oh no...What had she done? That man snored loudly beside her. Who was he? She couldn't remember. I can't think past this blasted headache, she inwardly complained. Now where were her clothes? As she searched, she stumbled over a shoe and landed on the floor with a resounding crash. He awoke, startled to find someone in his home. And she was naked! What in the world had happened? He remembered going to the Sugar Shack and then... Oh nno, that's what he had done. He looked over at her and saw that she was putting her shirt on.
"Hey, where you goin' sweetie?" he asked groggily.
"Gotta get to the hospital...I'll have a lot of explaining to do."
"No, don't leave. You want somethin' to help you r'lax?"
"I gotta get there."
"Well, if you have to...but don't come back!"

When Lynn reached the hospital, she prayed to the whatever out there to not let anyone know what she had done.
As soon as Lynn walked, or more like staggered, into Autumn's room, the girl burst into tears. Josiah stepped between Autumn and her mother, not knowing what the recently intoxicated woman would do. Jason turned menacing eyes upon Lynn.
"What are you doing here?" He asked the question quietly, but his anger was evident.
"Well, I have the right to see her, too, Jason...Hey, girl, why are you crying?" Lynn peeked around the human tree in front of her and saw some guy in scrubs holding her daughter.
"Hey, whatcha doin' with her?" Lynn screamed, trying to plow through Jason.
"Josiah," Jason said the one word, but Josiah knew what Autumn's father wanted.
"I already called soon as she came in." Josiah briefly turned from Autumn's tear-stained face to glance toward the door. Jason stood his ground and wouldn't let her pass. Then, somewhere in Lynn's drunken fog, she realized she could go around Jason. She darted to his left and rushed toward the bed.
"No!" Autumn screamed, as loud as one in her state of life could do. Now Lynn had to get through that doctor person.
"Outta my way, boy!" Lynn growled at him.
"Leave the room," Josiah said calmly. He did not turn to face the agitated woman until she started shouting. "What the heck are you doing? I can't keep me from..." Josiah still gripped Autumn's hand, but he turned to Lynn.
"I will not hesitate to get security over here." His voice was soft, calm and stern. Autumn's little body shook violently as she sobbed uncontrollably.
"Stop crying! You weak specimen of a..."
"Stop!" Autumn sobbed.
Lynn seemed to alternate from wanting to see Autumn to hurling insults at her. Josiah thought it was all for control. Jason heard voices outside Autumn's room, so he flung the door open.
"Thank God you're here!" he gasped as he stepped out of the way. Sariah, Abigail and a security guard rushed into the room.
"What're ya doin' here?" Lynn spat at the newcomers.
"Lynn, you must leave this hospital immediately," the security guard said.
"No, I ain't gonna do that. I don't wanna..." Her voice trailed off as she looked at Autumn again.
"I told you to stop crying! You got no respect for..." Once again, she was silenced as the security guard took her in hand. But before they could retreat, another figure plowed into them from behind.
"Hey!" Lynn hollered, but then she saw who it was.
"It's you!" she said in surprise.
"Yeah. What you doing to her?" the unknown male turned to the guard.
No one could answer, because at that moment, Sariah and Josiah marched toward the threesome. "Get out immediately!" No one had ever heard Sariah raise her voice. She was trembling in her anger, and her flaming eyes seemed to burn into Lynn.
"Who are..." Autumn began to ask.
"Shut up, you wasted, useless blob of--" Lynn was dragged from the room, screaming obsenities at Autumn.

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