Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 75: Plunging
(by NativeRose, added on 7 April 2008 02:13 AM)

Lynn was certainly at the bottom of the glass of her life as well as the drink. Soon she finished the bottle. She was a little better; she could no longer remember the specifics of those memories that drove her here...whatever here was. She needed to drink much more, because as she stared into the liquid, she could still feel.
"It's not enough...will it ever be enough?" she muttered.
"Hey, you look a bit blue...the next one's on me." That was the man she had barely noticed when she walked in. Now she looked up to see him sitting next to her.
"Okay, sure," she mumbled, but she gave him a grateful smile.
"So tell me...what a pretty thang like you doing over here 'lone?" Lynn was certainly in a state of inebriation, and although she could still sense emotion, she was approaching inhibition. "I don't wonna be'lone no more..."
"Well, baby, I'm your man."
"Yeah, well good, 'cause he run off with a noose."
I mean...a nurse. My daughter. She's almost dead. Hey, maybe I should go bring...take...something to help with her pain." The man, who wasn't quite as mixed up as Lynn, was able to think through her words.
"'s your name?"
"Lynn, Keller! That was my man. He lef' me fo' a nurse."
"Well, mine's Lance. Is she, the girl, in the hospital?"
"Yeah. I should take some of this..." She abruptly picked up her glass and spilled the beverage.
" heck with this! Wasted perfectly good liquor! Still...I gotta 'nuf to give 'er."
"They won't let you take it into no blasted hospital."
"We could try."
"Why not come back to my place? That way, you won't be alone. You can't get in no trouble at the hosp...that thing. I know what you need." And why not? Lynne's sluggish mind conjured up images of Jason and Abbie, but they faded into oblivion as the man put his arm around her and guided her toward his vehicle.

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