Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 74: The One
(by NativeRose, added on 4 April 2008 10:46 PM)

Lynn was correct in that Jason had a new romantic interest. Sure he had looked at Sariah in...that manner, but it was an expression that showed admiration, immense respect and a great love for his friend. The woman in Jason's life was another one of Autumn's favorite nurses. Perhaps Autumn got all the names mixed up, because of the similarity with letters, for Abigail was the one. Abbie was also a Christian, and like Sariah, she cared for Autumn as a mother would do. Lynn knew she didn't deserve another chance, and maybe it was better this way. Maybe Jason could finally be happy.

"It would be cool if it could be a double wedding," Autumn said from her bed. She was breathless, but it was due to her excitement.
"that's a great idea!" Abbie and Sariah said in unison.
"Well, we're in agreement. It's up to our menfolk to decide," Sariah said. Both women looked to their husbands-to-be for confirmation or rejection. To their relief, the men seemed excited, rather than dismayed.

Shortly after this conversation, Lynn slipped from Autumn's room. She was so dejected, disheartened, despondent and discouraged. "I need a drink," she muttered. She decided that was the only way she could get rid of her terrible gnawing ache inside, punctuated with sharp, stabbing pains when she saw or heard the couples in the vicinity. Maybe alcohol was her only comfort. At least it could numb her mind. She wouldn't have to think, and then she wouldn't feel anything. She knew she deserved nothing but what she was getting now. It was all her fault. However, if she couldn't try things with Jason again, she might as well spend her life in a bottle. She knew Jason was right to move on with his life. He had given her so many opportunities to change things. Now he found love in another. He was so happy with Abbie, and the woman clearly adored Jason. They were always putting each other's needs first, and it was the same with Sariah and Josiah. And then there was Autumn... She was the one who was dying, but she gave so unselfishly. Lynn couldn't stand these thoughts anymore, and before she really knew what was happening, she looked to see the the bright, welcoming sign, and she heard the many sounds coming from the building. Once she had that drink in her hand...

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