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Chapter 73: The Fabric Strengthened
(by NativeRose, added on 30 March 2008 08:16 PM)

So what about Josiah? Lynn wondered. Was Jason still truly in love with her? Did he tell Lynn all that stuff about getting back together just to get back at her? It didn't seem so, but the story lines just didn't match up.

When Autumn became more lucid, she remembered what she had said in Jason, Sariah and her mother's presence. She had been so out of it on those two momentous occasions. Her sedative and narcotic had enveloped her brain in fog, but she had thought she still had a handle on things.

Autumn started when Josiah and Sariah walked into her room. She turned away from them so they wouldn't notice her embarrassment and ridicule her. Autumn should have known these people would never judge her, but... Sariah's words just confirmed this. "Autumn, Josiah and I have some news for you. The other day, you asked if we could marry soon so you could be present. We agreed to do this, and it fills us with such joy!"
"There is no way we would ignore your request."
"I have to admit that..." Autumn's voice trailed off as she turned away in shame again. How could she have been so foolish?
"I can't believe I told my mom that you and Jason were going to marry...And then, I asked my question. Now I have to reveal my foolishness to my mom."
"No worries...I already did that," Sariah began.
"Are you angry with me, Josiah?" Autumn asked in a tremulous voice.
"Of course not...both names start with a J, and given what was going on, it makes perfect sense."
"I already explained it to your mom," Sariah tried again, "I told her that you were heavily sedated, because those two days were some of the far as pain goes. And then you had a seizure the previous day. I wasn't about to correct you, because I knew what was going on. I knew you meant to refer to Josiah, not Jason. There is nothing wrong with getting the names mixed up...totally understandable."
Autumn appreciated the reminder that her friends understood her better than she knew herself. Of course they wouldn't be offended; none of them were like that! If anyone could justify experiencing some anger was Josiah, but he definitely didn't do that. He was still as attentive and gentle as ever.
Jason and Lynn would get back together, and maybe this time they would stick together. Autumn's parents were back together, and both had accepted Jesus as their Savior. Josiah and Sariah were to be married soon. Jamison had recently found an apartment and a job with better pay. Autumn was content, especially since the people in her life seemed to straighten everything out, and that was happening smoothly. As Josiah and Sariah left the room, Autumn's eyes closed in prayer, but she drifted off to sleep long before she was finished.

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