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Chapter 70: Disappointment and Uncertainty
(by NativeRose, added on 14 November 2007 12:06 AM)

Autumn couldn't believe what she was hearing! Her mom had just explained that she was in the Master of Arts in Counseling program at a local college. She was involved with the rescue mission in their town, and she found great satisfaction in helping the needy ones; she had been one of them herself. Now she wanted to reach out to others to help them through their struggles. However, before Lynne could continue, Autumn's oncologist entered the room with a grave expression on her face.
"Autumn, I have some bad news," she began. When Sariah, Abby and Josiah entered, Autumn knew something was terribly wrong. They all looked distressed, and they were praying together as the doctor continued speaking. "Your viles of blood were not properly marked before they were sent to the lab. Therefore, we got the wrong results. I have ordered more blood tests, but..."
"Well," Autumn began, trying to disguise the uncertainty in her voice and on her face, "God will heal me. He can do something miraculous in this life, or I will be healed when I die...that's when real life begins. I will keep fighting, though I sense the end is near. God fills me with indescribable peace, so even though I'm still scared, i know everything will be all right when my time here is finished. Sure, I'm afraid to die. Will it be painful? Will everyone be able to say goodbye and express all they're feeling? What will happen to my family? But I'm not afraid of death itself; I know what comes next--life!" This assurance came at exactly the right time.

Autumn was to go home in a few days, and she was excited, but she was also scared. She had heard someone use the big "H word"--hospice care. That was when she knew for certain that her work in this life was almost finished. Her Lord wouldn't take her home until His plan for her was complete. As the Psalmist said, all the days of her life were counted long before she was born.

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