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Chapter 68: automs day out.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 13 November 2007 08:03 AM)

a fiew days after the praying session autum was pushed out of the door in her wheel chair for a day out with her mom. when she got the ramp lowerd on the car she had just bought to take autum's wheelchair lynn got in to the driving seat and took her daughter to the bar she freequented.
"Mom what are we doing here?" lyn just smiled and pushed the wheelchair in side the bar.

"Ho lynn back again usual is it?"

"No not for me thanks i'me here with my daughter autum to talk about god to you all as my friends i want you all to share the happy ness i have found since accepting christ."
the other people in the bar just scoffed at lynn, seing their reactions lynn started walking toords the bar hands shaking she got her money out of her purce andwas just about to ask for her usual cocktail. suddenly she felt a pull on her arm. looking round she saw autum pulling at her.

"What's up with you all?" autu asked. "Why are you making fun of my mother just because she has decided to turn her back on the drink and drugs and other bad stuff, well you lot don't deserve to know christ you have no respect for his followers and you are all just a bunch of nobodys and loosers just like him and thanks to my mom that looser who raped me is now locked up." as lynn felt autums hand in hers she found a new strength suddenly before the barman could do anything lynn put a bunch of notes on the table and said. "We are going autum i wil leave this money for them to carry on this stupid habbit. Good bye and good look you will never ever see me again." and with that lynn took autums wheel chair and pushed her out.

as she looked at the happy smile on her dauters face she knew with out a shaddow of a doubt that her dissission was the write one and that she was going to be okay, even if her and jason could not rebuild their marage she knew that she would be able to keep to her word and when autum finnaly died she would still have god and all the loving network

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