Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 66: Aftermath
(by NativeRose, added on 12 November 2007 11:23 PM)

When Sariah entered Autumn's room, her heart just broke for the girl. Autumn's face was aglow with the joy of her mother's relationship with Christ. It was five months since Lynne's encounter with grace, and Sariah could definitely see the difference. She knew that Jason and Lynne might not be able to rebuild their relationship and marriage, and if they tried, it could take years. Sariah felt a sense of loss with the end of her romantic relationship with Jason, but she knew they did the right thing. God would give her the wisdom to know how to handle this, and then she remembered the gift in the form of a man named Josiah.

Sariah's mind went from the new certified nurse's aide to the youg girl before her. Sariah saw Autumn's peaceful smile and regretted the fact that she had to do something that could cause Autumn to lose that external happiness for a short time. She had to catheterize Autumn, and she knew how painful that could be!
"Oh no," Autumn groaned, "I know what's coming."
"I wish I didn't have to do wonder the big, bad nurses are so scary to people."
"Well, let's get this over with."
"Yes, and then we can get to the fun stuff. Try to think about something else."
"So, are you and Josiah officially an item?"
"Well...sort of." Autumn laughed at Sariah's response; she had never seen the nurse blush before.
"I can see that I'll have to tell him about our little conversation here today," she said in a teasing tone.
"Hey, be nice to me. Remember, I'm the one who handles the needles and catheters."
"Oh yeah, I'm so scared...Oh, Sariah, you make this experience as enjoyable as it can be. I like the fact that I can tease you, and you give it right back. Our relationship is so cool like that; I mean, we can have fun together, but I know you'll help me through anything."
"Hey, people in the Lord's family need to stick together."
"That's for sure..." Josiah knocked on the door, and it was just in time, for Sariah had just rearranged Autumn's gown so she was completely covered.
"Hi, Autumn. You asked for some more water." Josiah put the pitcher on her overbed table and smiled self-consciously at Sariah. This was the beginning of the intertwined road.

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