Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 65: jason and soriya.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 12:58 PM)

jason and soriya sat in the office talking.

although they really loved each other sereya did not want to keep this relation ship going with jason and jason was sill confused with his feelings for lynn. They decided that it was best to just be friends as none of them really wanted a relationship to reck their friendship. when they went to seey autom they heard praying comming from autums room. Jason left suria at the door to autums room and sureya went to check on her other pationts. When jason enterd the room he saw a small surcle around autums bed side. Suddenly he heard a fomilyer voice praying.

"No way it can't be." autom looked tords the door and saw her dad. When jason studied his daughter's face he could see that their was a really happy look on her face. On her left was jamason and to his suprise on automs other side sat lynn but jason could not recognise her. She looked like she had when they had met before all the drinking started and to his suprise she was leading the preyer.

"Please lord help me to understand you, help me to keep up this change that has come up on me. help me to be their for the people who need me most and most of all let us see am mirricle for our sister autum but if you have to take her lord take her peasfully." jason was shocked and went to stand in the circle. "Lynn what are you doing? you don't like this god stuff." lynn then explaind to jason about the rape of autum and how it was she that had got james put in jail. Jason was supprised how autum and her mom wheir getting on and how autum was so trusting of her. jamason also seemed tobeleave that lynn was senseer. over the next few weeks and months they wheir to b shown just how senceer lynn accually was. looking at her now jason could see the masg was of and she was openly admitting to her falts and her feelings wheir comming out in a rush of teers. Suddenly sureya and abby came in and could not beleave their eyes when they saw autom lynn jason and jamason in a tight hug and to their supprise they wheir all praying. What was also supprising to the two nurses lynn was openly taking responsability for her actions. suddenly their was a warmth in the room and they knew that lynn ahad finnaly seen her self for the monster she had become and looking at her now every one could see that this was not a joke and that she was senseer. Jason and serea beemed at eachother and then they took autom out of the room in her wheelchair and explaned about their dissission to split. Autom understood and told them that she could see it happening as they wheir grate friends and although they loved eachother she could see that the romance between them had been more of a friendship than proper love. Sureya walked over to lynn and told her in no uncerton terms that she better be trueful this time then jamason and jason and finaly autom said their peace. lynn nodded and with a smile on her face left the room to meat with her counsler

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