Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 64: a shock for autum.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 12:31 PM)

Later that afternoon a figure walked in to autums hosbital room. As autum looked at the figure she noticed that the woman looked fomilyer. As the figure came and sat by her bed autum thought it looked like her mom but no it could not be she had left autum to carry on her drinking habbit. The figure came and sat by the bed not really knowing if they should be their.As the figure sat by autums bed she came more in to the light studying the woman closely she saw that the woman looked fomiliyerly like her mom but the apearince was not her moms.

Lynn had lost a lot of wait and was dressed in blue jeans and a new shirt. She sat by autums bed not knowing what to say. What should i do she thought my own daughter is that use to seeing me drunk she does not recocnise me.

"Sorry lord i want to repent, i have made a lot of mistakes but i don't know how to make it right, i am in this room but now i am here i do not know how to handle any of this." when autom heard the voice she knew beyond any doubt that it was lynn.

"What are you doing here? mom is it really you?" lynn took autums hand in hers.

"Yes darling it is me! i have decided i want to learn about god, i got that mad man locked in jail for what he did to you it was me that alerted the plece and got him arested , i love you autum and i love your dad to.

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