Autumn's Wind

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Chapter 63: autums supprise.
(by ian mcnamara, added on 12 November 2007 12:19 PM)

nine months after james hearts arest autum was sleeping in her hosbital bed when suddenly she was shaken awake it was pastter jack.

"Autum hi darling how you doing?" autum replyd that she was fine and that now that james was jailed she felt better. she also confided to the pastter that although she loved serya and felt happy with her and her dad's romance she could not help missing her mom and still prayed for her. Pastter jack explaned to autum that he went to the local rehab centre to meat up with one of his pationts and he had seen lynn their. "What?" jak went on to explain that lynn had been their ever since the night of james hearts arest and she was being relesed that very day. he also told autom that lynn had accepted god.

autum did not know what to say as she still loved her mother and knew deep in lynns batterd sole that she still loved autum and wanted help.

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